Ever had trouble figuring out what to charge? Do you feel like you might be too expensive, or too cheap?

Welcome to the club - it’s tricky to know how much to charge!

If you’re like the rest of us, you tried looking at the prices of other photographers in your area and chose a price in the middle of everyone else.

Not too high, not too low!

What no one talks about though, is the sure fire, rock solid way to know exactly how much to charge based of you unique (and awesome!) business!

We’ve created this simple calculator to help you work out what to charge your clients so that you can be confident you’re actually making money from doing the thing you love!


What do you shoot most?

1. What are your costs each year? How much do you spend each year because of your business? Don’t know how to work this out? Click here to unlock the PRO version!


Change any box below to see how it effects the others

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Not sure what your costs are each year? Well, we’ve created an easy way for you to store and calculate what the cost of your business is - just $2.99!

  • Complicated calculations made easy - no maths skills necessary!
  • Confident pricing - know exactly what you’re worth
  • Step-by-step pricing guides
  • Build a strong foundation for a lasting photography business

The best part is all your changes are saved to your own profile, so as your business grows you can test changes like price increases with no risk!

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